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12 day journey to Machu Picchu


For thousands of years the spiritual knowledge of the Andean people has been protected by an Ancient Brotherhood established by the Lemurians more than 40,000 years in the past.  The Quechua Nation, keepers of this Universal treasure in recent centuries, have been secluded and living in harmony for a long time in the mountains and jungles of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil.

For over 20 years Jorge has taken friends and seekers from the USA on a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu and to the retreat of the Brotherhood called SamanaWasi for an expansive, transformative experience.  Many of his guests have found a learning path after hearing the call of the Ancianos (Elders) of one of the most ancient spiritual Brotherhoods/Sisterhoods on the planet.  All are transformed and uplifted by the power of Munay (unconditional Love), an energy boost that everybody welcomes.

Jorge was researching ancient music for healing and rituals for the Sacred Sounds Institute which he founded.  About 23 years ago his search took him back to South America, more specifically Peru, where he joined the Solar Brotherhood of the Quechua known as INTIC CHURINCUNA. He decided to write and compose music for the purpose of spreading the most amazing teachings on spiritual development and compassion.  Several CDs and the book Espiritualidad Andina have since been published in many different countries about their teachings and rituals.

This year we depart the first week of September, 2012. Visiting temples and secret spots known only to certain initiates, we will reveal the amazing secrets hiding within the stones and beyond. For those who receive the call from the great Masters this journey will deeply expand their life path.

Participants will connect with different teachers and initiates of this Universal manifestation of knowledge.  This is an immersive spiritual experience that will change your life!

The beautiful town of Cusco will be the base for our journeys to incredible places like Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Moray, Lake Titicaca, and Puno.  Jorge will be your guide and translator in Spanish & Quechua on this journey.  Tania Abdul, Jorge’s assistant, will handle logistics and guidance when Jorge must attend to duties for the Brotherhood.

The total cost including airfare, hotels, transportation, food and Jorge & Tania’s service will be approximately $3,000 (US$).  Prices may change according to inflation in Peru, but we will make every attempt to know final numbers before departure.  Everyone will pay the negotiated fares and hotel fees directly.  We travel very light, encouraging everyone to purchase items in-country and support the local economy.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 to reserve your place in the group is required by June 15th in order to reserve the flights from Miami.  You may send personal checks to Jorge Alfano or use Paypal for credit cards.

Every year we make this pilgrimage to be with our Peruvian brothers and sisters so if you would like to join us please keep in touch by sending an email.  If you are an institution or a group traveling together we can arrange different dates and seasons.

We are also planing trips to Japan where Jorge studied ZEN music with different teachers, India (Sivananda Ashram), the Bahamas (Sivananda Ashram), Bimini Islands, etc.