INTI mystical music of the Andes.: Mystical music for the Andean deities. Good for ritualistic work and meditation. This is a collection of invocations played on traditional Andean instruments. They are for the deities of INTI, the Sun God of the pre-Columbian peoples known as the Kechuas. The Kechua people have occupied the Altiplano region of South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador) for thousands of years and still survive there today.

1. Collca (Pleiades)
2. Apu Inti (Lord Sun)
3. Churi Inti (Sun Guardian)
4. Inti Guauqui (San Guardian)
5. Illa (Thunder)
6. Inti Illa (Sun Thunder)
7. Chuqui Illa (Radiance Of Gold)
8. Mamacocha (Sea)
9. Killa (Moon)
10. Chaska (Venus)
11. Cuycha (Rainbow)
12. Wamantantac (Spirit In Charge Of Gathering Sea Birds)
13. Saramama (Spirit Of The Maize)
14. Pachamama (Mother Earth)