One Heart
On One Heart, the creator of last year’s hit Inti, plays twenty different traditional-world instruments. Not since Ancient Egypt has Lyrichord presented such a stunningly beautiful collection of world music pieces!

Argentine world music master Jorge Alfano takes the musical traditions of eight different cultures and weaves them into an exquisitely serene and deeply moving tapestry of cross-cultural expression. Alfano, equally adept on a variety of wind and other world instruments, explores and celebrates each culture’s unique musical voice, while simultaneously conveying the universal and unifying essence of mankind’s spirit as expressed through music..

1. Peaceful Thunder (Alfano/Crafton) – 5:10
2. Road to Nirvana (Alfano/Crafton) – 8:43
3. Inca and Shiva Dance (Alfano/Crafton) – 10:59
4. Nigerian Dream (Alfano/Crafton) – 11:32
5. Shangó and the Charming Snake (Alfano/Crafton) Р5:02
6. Rumi’s Soul (Alfano/Crafton) – 6:45
7. Andean Tao (Alfano) – 3:12
8. Saraswathi and Inti (Alfano/Chatterjee) – 5:45
9. One Heart (Alfano/Crafton) – 10:25