Spirit of My People

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, Jorge Alfano takes the music of South America to a new level, keeping the Ancient tradition of the Quena (bamboo flute) and at the same time stretching the boundaries of the instrument and the music itself. He also performs on a variety of traditional and contemporary instruments. Together with his group Akoncagua, Jorge deliverers an outstanding performance that will mesmerize you with sweetness and virtuosity.

1. Gracias a la vida sample
2. El dia que me quieras sample
3. Si se calla el cantor sample
4. La banderita sample
5. La arenosa sample
6. Luna Tucumana sample
7. Corazon al Sur sample
8. Alfonsina y el mar sample
9. Juana Azurduy sample
10. Desaparecidos (Requiem for the) sample
11. Cancion con todos sample
12. Duerme Negrito sample
13. Inolvidable sample