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Jorge offers three different workshops:
The Sacred Flute
In this concert Jorge performs music from many different spiritual traditions. Played on the original instruments, this concert is a rare opportunity to listen and to be uplifted by a repertoire of sacred music from around the world. This also makes it into a cultural and a spiritual gathering of peace and unity.

Jorge will perform on rare instruments such as Shakuhachi (Japan) , Bansuri (Indian), Ney (Turkey), Native American flute, Quena (Peru), Mbira (Africa), Mocqseño (Argentina), Duduk (Armenia), and a Thin Whistle (Irish).

This concert usually goes together with the Nada Yoga – Sacred Sounds workshop.

Spiritual Music of the Andes
This concert focus on pre-Colombian instruments and music. From bone flutes to Pan pipes and many different drums, this music is used in rituals and celebrations all trough the Andean Mountains. Jorge will introduce some of the stringed instruments used nowadays. All together a mesmerizing concert with an uplifting message.

This concert usually goes together with the ”Andean Spirituality” workshop.

Jorge and his quartet take us on a journey to the popular music of South America by playing the most beautiful songs born out of a new race. Indigenous, Andean and European flavors like tangos, chacareras, milongas, zambas,ect, with a touch of contemporary improvisation makes this concert an unforgettable evening of cultural impact. The quartet is formed by guitar, piano, percussion and Jorge on the Quena (bamboo flute). Sometimes we add Bandoneon and Bass
sui zen japanese music
Jorge will perform his own compositions for Shakuhachi (Bamboo flute of Japan), music for meditations in temples or Japanese Zen gardens. Many times Jorge will perform with KOTO player (Japanese Harp) Yoshiko Carlton, a native of Japan. Also with FUSHU DAIKO ( Japanese drummers)
Indian Sitar and Flute
Jorge will perform on the Sitar and the Bansuri ( Bamboo flute of India) Indian classical Hindustani music with a Tabla (percussion) player.
This is Jorge’s most recent formation a blend of Asian and Jazz with exotic and contemporary rhythms from around the world. Includes old instruments from China, Japan, Bali, Java, India, Vietnam and state of the art digital electronics. A great show of cultural impact.

The name JAZZEN is the combination of the two words Jazz and Zen ( from the Japanese-Chinese practice of meditation).