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Jorge offers three different workshops:
Nada Yoga
The ancient science of Nada Yoga presented in a contemporary and useable way. Explaining the power of Creation’s energy from spirit to matter and utilizing the vibration of elemental sounds (earth, water, fire, air and ether) to heal our selves and others. We will learn about chanting the Bija mantras, Biosonic Reparttening, Polarity Therapy, Meditation and Prayer, Breathing sounds, Sui Zen (Blowing Meditation), Cleansing Movements, Cimatics, Pythagorean tuning forks, Wacos (Peruvian whistling vessels), Gongs, and much more.

Wear comfortable clothing, no knowledge of music is necessary.

Sacred Sounds

Sacred Sounds CD

Andean Spirituality
While Indian and Asian spirituality was developing and growing over the centuries to what we know today as some of the greater religions and spiritual choices, what was happening in South America? Due to the invasion of the conquistadors, we don’t have a clear answer to this question. In this unique workshop, Jorge will explain and share what he has learnt from the elders of the Andes mountains.

You will learn about how it is possible to live a life in perfect harmony with the Universe by understanding the communion with living elements. This is a great and rare opportunity to experience a non-dogmatic spiritual path that will set you free into life. This teachings come from a lineage of more than 40.000 years back to the time of MU.

Jorge will explain the history of the teachings, energy concepts, the “Chakana” key of spiritual evolution, learn the identity of our real forefathers and creators, life purpose, belts of power, healing rituals, prayer and meditations, ritualistic music, Solar disc, Lemurian artifacts, shamanism and much more.

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