Anita's New Mexico Style Mexican Food

Anita’s New Mexico Style Mexican Food: Savor the Flavors of Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Providing scrumptious Mexican cuisine for over 45 years now has been the forte of Anita’s New Mexico Style Mexican Food (Anitascorp) which is managed and supervised by a family.

Both locals and visitors have come to relish in the restaurant’s use of fresh ingredients which give their dishes an authentic flavor, so if you’re looking to indulge in some lip-smacking Mexican delicacies then visit Anita’s.

Start your morning off right with the flavorful breakfast offerings from Anita’s Mexican Menu

With such a wide selection of flavorsome plates available at Anita’s, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy.

The diverse menu includes classics like carne adovada and delicious options like fajitas that are sure to delight. Here are a few dishes that you shouldn’t leave Anita’s without trying:

Experience the taste of New Mexico at any of the menus offered by Anita’s Mexican Food.

Anita’s is spread across numerous places in Virginia region which helps to cater to all types of food cravings. See in greater detail the menus for their Burke Leesburg and Springfield Locations:

Burke Menu

Anita’s Burke menu serves up some of the tastiest New Mexico style Mexican food you’ll find anywhere, from tasty classics like burritos and tacos to the more unusual items on the menu such as chile rellenos or sopapillas there is something that will satisfy every palate. The must-have dishes from the menu include:

Green Chile Stew:

New Mexico’s signature green chilies are combined with tender pork pieces paired excellently in a succulent potato-filled stew, and nothing beats the taste of this scrumptious meal on a cold day – it’s just what you need.

Carne Adovada:

This mouth-watering dish contains succulent pork which has been marinated in a spicy red chile sauce, satisfy yourself with this filling meal served alongside rice and beans as well as tortillas.


There is nothing better than these light and airy pastries as a way of ending any meal, and you can enjoy the extra sweet touch by having them with honey butter.

Leesburg Menu

Indulge in New Mexico inspired Mexican dishes emphasizing fresh and local ingredients at Anita’s Leesburg location. You’ll find a number of noteworthy options on the menu including:

Chile Rellenos:

Green Chiles roasted to perfection stuffed with cheese make for an irresistible dish – this is precisely what you get when you order Anita’s Chile Rellenos.

Carne Asada:

A scrumptious serving comprising marinated grilled beef which comes alongwith some tenderly cooked rice ,beans plus the wholesome goodness of some soft Tortillas.


Anita’s daily specialty is her homemade tamale selection which comes in different types of meats and chile sauces.

Springfield Menu

Discover the best of Mexican cuisine at Anita’s in Springfield with favorites like tacos and burritos. Noteworthy items included in the menu are:


The selection of ingredients for the filling in Anita’s quesadillas covers various meats and vegetables, cooked until perfectly grilled while served with complementary sides of beans and rice.


Anita has topped her nachos with options including vegetables in addition to selected meats or beef mixed together. This is an excellent dish that can be either shared or consumed individually.


Served sizzling hot with peppers and onions along side a variety of meats is what you can expect from Anita’s delicious fajitas A plate of this food has a side order of rice coupled with beans and tortillas.

Anita’s Mexican restaurant near me

You’ll have a fantastic dining experience at any of the best-rated locations of Anita’s Mexican Restaurant, despite this a select few outstrip their peers.

Anita’s Mexican Restaurant in Fairfax

Anita’s Mexican restaurant in Fairfax is the favorite top picks among tourist.

This cozy place is a perfect spot for you to unwind over a scrumptious dinner along with the rest of your family

Anita’s Mexican Restaurant in Ashburn

If you are looking for a delicious meal, then head over to Anita’s Mexican restaurant located in Ashburn. This eatery is a perfect place for any occasion be it a romantic date night or an evening out with your hubby. This is so because it offers delectable Mexican meals couple with friendly customer service.

Anita’s Mexican Restaurant in Leesburg

If you are looking for a perfect place for you and your family suitable for laying back especially in the evenings, then Anita’s Mexican restaurant situated within the beautiful city of Leesburg Virginia is a go to spot. You can also enjoy delicious meals with friends at pocket friendly rates.

Anita’s Mexican Restaurant located in Ashburn

For a delicious meal, head over to Anita’s Mexican restaurant located in Ashburn. This eatery is great for any occasion be it a romantic date night or an evening out with your buddies because it offers delectable Mexican meals coupled with friendly customer service.


Anita’s Mexican Restaurant in Herndon

Interested in experiencing some of the amazing traditional Mexican dishes? Then head over to Anita’s Mexican restaurant situated in Herudon for a fun filled evening with your family. The environment is exquisitely decorated and accompanied by delicious food options.

Important points to note about Anita’s Mexican restaurant

  • Each restaurant under the banner of Anita’s Mexican offers its own special character and cuisine.
  • If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican cuisine and a friendly service, then Anita’s is the perfect spot.
  • You can always have a fun filled evening out with your squad or share some quality time over an easygoing meal at these ideal locations.
  • Prices of meals and accommodations are affordable which makes it accessible to everyone.

Anita’s Menu and Prices: Affordable and Delicious

You can always enjoy some delicious meals at Anita’s Mexican restaurant without breaking the bank. Listed below are some of the top rated dishes from Anita along with their pricing:

  • Cost of Tacos is $2.75 each
  • Cost of Enchiladas is $9.95
  • Cost of Hot Cakes is $4.25
  • Cost of Rise & Shine is $4.25
  • Cost of French Toast is $4.25


Anita’s Mexican Food provides the best experience especially when it comes to having a traditional and authentic tasting that is been influenced by the culinary heritage of Mexico. If you are interested in satisfying your hunger at an affordable cost, then go enjoy plenty of options in some Virginia locations.


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