How Long Can Raw Salmon Sit Out

How Long Can Raw Salmon Sit Out?

Often, I have been asked by some amateur chefs the question on how long raw salmon can sit out before it becomes unsafe to consume.

Because of the so many misconceptions about food safety I am now compelled to delve into the mysteries surrounding food safety by shedding light on this topic, I have decided to embark on an experiment to examine the time limits for leaving raw salmon unrefrigerated and its potential risks.

I will also share the details of the experiment in terms of the methodologies employed and my findings that emerged. You can also read how I also carried out an experiment to find out the time limit cooked salmon can sit out.

Fresh raw salmon of high quality was obtained from a reputable fishmonger which I divided into several portions then sealed and kept at a controlled room temperature of 20°C (68°F) to simulate the normal kitchen conditions.

I have established sometime interval of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours during which the salmon samples would be analyzed and evaluated. This I have done to accurately measure the safety of living the raw salmon out.


A combination of visual inspection, smell, and touch to detect any signs of spoilage or degradation in quality was employed in monitoring the salmon samples at each time interval throughout the duration of the experiment.

I had also used a specialized testing equipment to assess the bacterial growth while paying attention to the presence of harmful pathogens like salmonella and listeria.

My observations

My findings were presented in a table as shown below.


From the experiment it became clear that raw salmon should not sit out for more than four to six hours at room temperature beyond which the risk of bacterial growth, spoilage and foodborne illness will increase tremendously.

It is best to refrigerate salmon promptly after purchase or preparation to ensure safety. You can click to learn how best to refrigerate salmon or any other fish.

Necessary precautions should be taking when handling raw seafood. It is crucial to prioritize food safety as a food lover and remember that individual factors such as temperature and humidity can influence the safety of food.

Whenever you are in doubt on how long your fish had spent in the fridge or the safety of a particular food, then throw it away. You can enjoy tour favorite dishes including raw salmon only if you are mindful of proper food handling and storage while keeping our loved ones safe and healthy.


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