How long does it take for vegetable oil to boil

How long does it take for vegetable oil to boil

Boiling vegetable oil is a common cooking practice in households worldwide. The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which it changes from a liquid to a gas phase.

In this experiment, we aimed to determine the approximate time it takes for different volumes of vegetable oil to heat up to its boiling point using various heating devices.

By conducting this experiment, we can gain insights into the factors that influence the boiling time of vegetable oil. In another article, I have carried out an experiment on the temperature at which various oils including vegetables oil boil for one to be able to cook a perfect meal.

Experimental Setup

I started by measuring out four different volumes of vegetable oil, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml using a measuring cylinder and also made provision for six different heating devices as the time for vegetable oil to boil is certainly going to be affected by the heating device used. The heating devices were electric stove, gas stove, induction cooktop, microwave, deep fryer, and an electric kettle.


Six portions each of 50 ml vegetable oil were turned into a heat resistant glass container or a stainless-steel fry pan. One 50 ml portion each of vegetable was placed on the various pre heated electric stove, gas stove, induction cooktop, microwave, deep fryer and the electric kettle which were set to medium heat.

The timer has started. The oil is observed for the formation of consistent bubbles at the bottom of the pan. On siting consistent bubbles, I stopped the timer and recordings were taking and tabulated as shown below.

Volume (ml) Electric Stove Gas Stove

Induction Cooktop



Deep Fryer Electric Kettle
50 2 minutes 2 minutes 3 minutes 3.5 minutes 2 minutes 4 minutes
100 3 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 4.5 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes
200 4 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes 5.5 minutes 4 minutes 6 minutes
300 5 minutes 5 minutes 6 minutes 6.5 minutes 5 minutes 7 minutes




Several trends can be observed from the data obtained. As the volume of the vegetable oil increases so also the time to heat up to boiling point increases because of larger quantity of the oil requiring more energy to reach its boiling point.

Different heating devices exhibit varying boiling times due to their heating mechanisms. The electric kettle took the longest time to heat up the oils due to its lower power output compared to the other heaters. Gas stove and electric stove have similar boiling times as both induction cooktop and microwave were slightly faster. Interestingly, the deep fryer showed consistent boiling times across all volumes.

There readers, understanding the boiling time of vegetable oil is crucial as it relates to cooking applications which will certainly help you and other expert cooks determine the precise cooking durations for different volumes of vegetable oil used in your culinary preparations.

The practical applications of knowing boiling time of vegetable oil or other oil

Cooking Time Management: Cooking time is better managed when you have a knowledge of the time vegetable oil intended for cooking boils. You can plan your recipes knowing the time required for oil to be hot enough for frying or cooking even when a thermometer is not available just before adding the ingredients.

For those intending to carry out cooking at 350oF, the knowledge of cooking time of various oils gives an idea on the time taken to heat the oil to 350oF or 375oF for optimal cooking.

Deep Frying: A precise temperature control is needed to achieve the desired crispness and browning of your fried food especially during deep frying using a deep fryer or pot.



By understanding the boiling time of vegetable oil, one can achieve the optimal frying temperature accurately and calculate the time taken to heat oil for deep frying in a deep fryer or in a pot and prevent it from absorbing excessive oil.

Recipe Adaptation: There are some cooking processes in which the recipes will require the cooking oil to be preheated before starting the cooking process.

By knowing the boiling point of vegetable oil and other oils you will be able to follow the recipe instructions accordingly knowing and selecting the oil most suitable for a particular cooking process.

Safety Precautions: Having a knowledge of the boiling time of vegetable oil or any other cooking oil makes one to be able to anticipate the heating process and exercise caution while working with vegetable oil or other oils at a particular time.

Accidents and injuries that would have occurred during the process of mixing and adding ingredients food during cooking is averted.


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