How much alcohol is in a tall boy beer

How much alcohol is in a tall boy beer?

The enjoyment of a refreshing beer depends on multiple important considerations, including the degree to which a beer can be considered strong or light which rests heavily upon its alcohol content as an important aspect.

Tall boy beers are the subject of this article with a specific emphasis on their alcohol content. In this discussion we will explore various aspects of tall boy beers including size and cost of popular brands. Let us quench our thirst with some chilled beverages as we dive into the world of tall boys!

How much alcohol is in a tall boy beer?

A typical tall boy refers to the size of a beer can and contains roughly 16 ounces (473 ml) of liquid. With an increased amount of brew contained in each glass, it’s common for larger sizes to have higher levels of alcohol.

With more alcohol content typically contained within them and a larger can size overall, tall boy beers are often preferred for their increased potency.

Those who enjoy larger doses of beer all at once tend to love them for their popularity among the community. Alcohol content differs among different varieties of tall boys based on their brands, and this chart provides an overview of the different tall boy beer brands available as well as their respective levels of alcohol.

Due to variations in regions and countries regarding alcohol content levels, the figures mentioned here are approximate. When we talk about ABV we refer to how much alcohol is contained in a drink.

Tall boy beer sizes and price

Typically, a tall boy beer refers to a can size of about 16 ounces (473 ml), yet another size option available is the one with 24 fluid ounces (710 milliliters).

A few types or brands of beer offer this larger size that delivers more servings than the regular 16 oz. can. Whether it’s a small or large serving depends on where you are and how ‘tall boy’ is being used.

You can find tall boy cans of Mexican beer brand Modelo, which in terms of size and volume of beer contained inside the can itself, a tall can of Modelo typically has around 24 oz. (or roughly 710 ml). This specific choice of beer is known for its delectable richness and flavor that pleases many enthusiasts.

If you are looking to purchase a tall boy beer with Modelo cans in it then prices can vary based on different locations. If you’re looking for a tall boy beer typically, you’d be looking at spending somewhere between $2 to $5 but keep in mind that this does depend on where you’re purchasing it from as well as any current promotions.

Tall boy Twisted Tea

Alcoholic beverages mixed with flavored iced teas are what make Twisted Tea a hit, and when it comes to a standard sized tall boy Twisted Tea can it’s usually around 24 ounces (710 ml). Indulge yourself with an increased quantity of this rejuvenating beverage from just one can thanks to its generous serving.

Pricing of a tall boy Twisted Tea may vary depending on the establishment and area, expect to pay somewhere between two dollars and five dollars for a tall boy Twisted Tea. However, this price may differ due to location or ongoing promos.

What is a tall boy drink?

A large serving size distinguishes a ‘tall boy’ – often referring to an alcoholic drink, and this device can provide ample amounts of drinks to ensure longer periods of gratifying consumption.

You can refer to this table which outlines all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties of tall boy drinks.

FAQs about Tall Boy Beers

Question: Are tall boy beers stronger than regular-sized beers?

Often, you’ll find that the alcohol content in tall boy beers is more than that in regular-sized ones. On the other hand, potency can differ based on what brand or type of beer you go for.

Question: Are regular sized beers cheaper compared to tall boy sized ones?

Answer: Due to containing a greater quantity of beer per can than standard drinks containers do, tall boy beers are usually more expensive.

Question: Do any of the craft beer brands come in tall boy can sizes?

Answer: It has become more popular for craft beer breweries to sell their products in tall boy cans so that enthusiasts can drink more of their favorite brew.

Question: Can I find non-alcoholic tall boy beers?

Answer: There are several brands that provide large servings of non-alcoholic beer for individuals looking to avoid consuming alcohol.

Question: Is it likely to find tall boy beers being served at parties or events?

Answer: Yes indeed! Tall boy beers are often the top choice at parties and events since they offer copious amounts of beer per can allowing revelers to sip on their brews much longer.

Question: Are there any health concerns related to the consumption of tall boy beers?

Answer: To avoid health risks related to excessive alcohol intake it’s imperative that we consume tall boy beers responsibly like all other types of alcoholic drinks.


If you’re looking for a bigger serving size and more boozy flavors in your beer, choose tall boys. If you’re a big fan of beer with plenty of options in terms of brands and flavors, then it is likely you would enjoy tall boy beers.

A flavorful experience awaits when enjoying tall boy beers, whether alone on a hot summer day or in the company of friends at any gathering.

As you reach out for a tall boy beer once more remember to savor its taste with responsibility and enjoy this distinct experience that only it can provide.


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