How to Get Rid of Freezer Burn Taste

How to Get Rid of Freezer Burn Taste

Reaching to your freezer to find that your favorite foods have been affected by freezer burn can be disappointing as the taste and texture of the food has been altered making the food less enjoyable.

However, I want you to know that freezer burn does not render your food unsafe to eat as I am going to share with you some effective ways you can salvage your freezer burned foods and make them delicious once again.

Ways to get rid of freezer burn taste

  1. Remove Freezer-Burned Portions: Inspect your food for discolorations or ice crystals on the surface and cut away the freezer burned sections and leave behind the unblemished parts. Meat like pork, vegetables and fruit can be salvage using this technique allowing you to enjoy the portion that has not been affected with its pleasant taste still intact.
  2. Cook It in Flavorful Dishes: Masking the freezer burned taste of your dishes become better is another way to transform them.
  3. My fish was affected by freezer burn two weeks ago and then I decided to cook them in soup and stews separately with the addition of some herbs and spices using a slow cooking process for the taste and its flavor to become enhanced.
  4. Marinate or Soak in Sauce: Soak your fish or meat like pork into a marinade with a mix of herbs, spices, and citrus juice for at least 30 minutes to infuse it with delicious flavors before cooking. This is an excellent way to salvage your freezer burned food taste.
  5. Dehydration and Pureeing: This method involves the removal of excess moisture to concentrate their flavors creating delicious and snackable treats. Dehydrating fruits and vegetables can work wonders when ground into powders to be used in smoothies or baking thus adding a burst of natural sweetness to your recipes. Freezer-burned fruits and vegetables can also be pureed to create flavorful sauces or smoothies and mask the freezer burn taste.

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How to get rid of freezer burn taste from the following


Examine your meat carefully, and if you spot any freezer burn sections or any discoloration, carefully trim the affected area away using a sharp knife.

After trimming away the affected area, soak the meat in a brine solution to help rehydrate the meat and infuse it with flavor. Pat the rehydrated meat dry using some paper towels before proceeding with your preferred cooking.


Just as with meat, trimming off the affected sections when you detect any discoloration or freezer burn sections and then marinating the fish will just be enough.

Ice Cream:

Two methods I employ in dealing with freezer burned ice cream. The first method is scrapping off the freezer burned part of the ice cream leaving me to enjoy the unaffected section.

The second method is to allow the ice cream to soften slightly after which it is blend it with some fresh or frozen fruits of your choice to form a smoothie.


Vegetables affected by freezer burn can be revived by blanching the vegetables. This you can do by first boiling water in a pot and add a pinch of salt.

Submerge the vegetables into the boiling water for 3 minutes after which they are transferred into ice water to stop the cooking process.

After this process the vegetables are rehydrated restoring their vibrant colors and flavors. After blanching, proceed with your desired cooking method.


I use several methods. One of the methods is cutting out the area of the fruit affected by freezer burn and discarding it. The remaining part is still good to be eating.

When the fruit is severely affected, I blend them into a delicious smoothie and add a touch of some sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup to enhance the taste.

The second method is dehydrating the fruits by slicing them into pieces and placing them into a dehydrator to remove moisture.


Three methods can be used. Firstly, my chickens are first inspected for any visible signs of freezer burned discolored or dried out areas and get those affected parts trimmed off as well as some little good meat.

Secondly, the chicken is marinated with lemon, lime, or orange to improve its flavor. Thirdly, I can choose to brine the chicken by soaking in salt solution for a period before cooking as it helps the chicken retain moisture and enhance its flavor.

Getting Rid of Freezer Burn Taste Chart

Type of Food Solution Possible Result
Meat Trim freezer burn sections, soak in brine solution Rehydrated meat with improved flavor
Fish Trim affected sections, marinate the fish Revived fish with enhanced taste
Ice Cream Scrape off freezer burned part OR blend with fruits Enjoy unaffected ice cream OR create a tasty smoothie
Vegetables Blanch the vegetables to rehydrate and revive them Restored vibrant colors and flavors in the vegetables
Fruits Cut out affected areas OR blend into a smoothie Edible fruit with enhanced taste OR fruit smoothie
Chicken Trim affected parts, marinate, or brine the chicken Improved flavor and moisture in the chicken

Tips to prevent Freezer Burn

Some of the methods you can employ in the prevention of freezer burn are:

  • Wrap your food items properly in a plastic wrap or an aluminum foil before you place them in freezer bags. Ensure you remove air as much as possible.
  • Storing your food in an airtight container or in sealable bags which help remove moisture as much as possible.
  • Labelling and dating the frozen items to keep track of their age will assist in ensuring that they are consumed before they develop freezer burn.
  • Your freezer temperature should be set at or below zero-degree Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) to slow down degradation and maintain the quality of your frozen food items.
  • Leave spaces between stored food items in the freezer to allow for maximum air circulation thus preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Always store your food items in the freezer using vacuum sealers which help remove air completely from packaged food providing extra protection against freezer burn.
  • Try not to open your freezer too often because opening your freezer too often can cause temperature fluctuations leading to freezer burn. Shut it quickly whenever you open it.
  • Avoid thawing your food more than once or refreezing which can increase the likelihood of freezer burn and encourage the growth of microbes.

Understanding freezer burns

Freezer burn is caused by dehydration and oxidation of the food surface and when exposed to air in the freezer due to improper packaging or opening the freezer door for an extended period. Over time, the moisture in the food turns into ice crystals and sublimates leaving the food dehydrated.

Freezer-burn can make the food taste dull, dry, and slightly off flavored. Looking at the freezer burned item, the texture is altered as the food becomes leathery and grainy.

Symptoms of Eating Freezer Burned Food

  1. Dissatisfaction consuming food item having an unappetizing texture.
  2. The food tastes bland or stale.
  3. The food becomes altered in color, becoming whitish or grayish in spots all over the surface.
  4. Ice crystals are sometimes noticed on the food.

Getting Rid of Freezer Burn Smell

  • On opening your freezer to notice a freezer smell you do the following.
  • Identify the food item being affected and remove it from the freezer so as not to affect other foods.
  • If any spills or leaks have occurred, use warm water and soap to clean the interior of your freezer.
  • If mild odor persists after cleaning properly then place some odor absorbers like baking soda or activated charcoal into your freezer as they help to neutralize unwanted smells.

By following the methods above, and knowing how and where to store your food items in the refrigerator, freezer burn will not be the end of your frozen food. Salvage your freezer burned items and turn them into delicious meals again.


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