Raw Fish in Fridge for 4 Days

Raw Fish in Fridge for 4 Days: A Complete Guide to Safe Storage

For those that love seafood, savoring the flavors of cooked fish is a true delight but it is good we understand the proper storage duration which is vital to ensure both the taste and safety of the food you consume.

In this article I am going to explore the best way you can store raw and cooked fish in the fridge and freezer and also answer questions that will help you revive and prepare the most of your favorite aquatic delicacies.

Storing raw fish in the fridge

When you purchase fresh raw white fish from the market quickly place it in the refrigerator following the refrigeration storage guidelines as those fish demand careful handling and storage.

It is advisable to consume it within two days even though the fish, when uncooked can remain in the fridge for up to three weeks. For proper maintenance and safety, place them on the bottom shelve of your refrigerator while ensuring the fridge temperature is set at 40oF or below to inhibit bacteria growth.

Always inspect your fish for signs of spoilage before cooking and whenever you notice any fishy odor, smell or it appears slimy, then discard it.

Thawed Fish in the Fridge

Proper thawing techniques of your fish are essential to maintain the quality and safety of your fish but also know that the thawed fish should not be kept inside the refrigerator for more than 24 hours to retain its quality and safety.

Since thawed fish has a shorter shelf life compared to fresh fish which makes it susceptible to bacterial growth causing it to lose its texture and flavor, it is very important for you to cook your thawed fish within a day to minimize waste and enjoy the best taste as prolonged storage can render the fish unsafe to eat and unappetizing.

Freezing Raw Fish

The shelve life of raw fish, whether fresh or previously frozen can be extended by freezing, storing them in an airtight container or a freezer safe bag making it easy to be tracked, labelled and the container dated.

Yes, using the techniques mentioned above, they can be safely frozen for up to two years while the previously cooked fish should be consumed within three months for the best taste and texture.

Storing Cooked Fish

What about preserving and extending the freezer life of your fish by vacuum sealing it? This will help keep it safe to eat for up to two years and ensure that the taste of the fish is maintained.

To store your cooked fish in the refrigerator, place them inside an airtight container or you can wrap them in aluminum foil to ensure safety and freshness for up to 3 days.

But if you are reheating the fish, ensure the internal temperature of the fish gets to 165-degree Fahrenheit. This heating will prevent microbes and other harmful bacteria from multiplying in the spoilt food.

Do not store your cooked fish inside the fridge for more than three days nor store your cooked fish to remain safe freezer for up to two years. Consume the fish within 24 hours if the fish is thawed and avoid refreezing already thawed fish.


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