Tall boy Twisted Tea

Tall Boy Twisted Tea: Unleash Refreshing Delight with Every Sip

Get ready to become a pro on all things tall boy Twisted Tea with our comprehensive ultimate guide. If refreshing alcohol is your jam, then get ready for something special.

The objective behind this article is to provide an all-encompassing insight on Tallboy Twisted Tea by delving into various aspects ranging from its multiple tastes and dimensions to analyzing in-depth details with respect to calories count and alcoholic volume. Pour yourself a refreshing drink and let’s delve in!

Tall boy Twisted Tea

The larger version of the popular beverage known as Twisted Tea is often called tall boy by its loyal fans. If you want to have another glass of this appetizing and rejuvenating drink, then going for it is the right choice. Exploring the individual aspects of tall boy Twisted Tea in greater detail could be informative

Tall boy Twisted Tea Calories and alcohol levels

Looking to calculate the number of calories in a tall boy Twisted Tea? This is something good for you! A can of tall boy Twisted tea that has an ounce content of approximately twenty-four usually has two hundred and forty calories. On another note, it is essential to recognize that each flavor variant carries variations in its respective calorie count.

The alcohol level in Tall Boy Twisted tea is moderate Usually containing around a percentage of about 5%, a typical can that holds up to 24 ounces has alcohol by volume (ABV), making it an ideal drink for anyone who wants to enjoy a perfectly balanced and pleasurable beverage.

Twisted Tea Tall Boy Flavors

Discover an array of delicious tastes in Twisted Tea’s Tall boy cans. Examples of widely favored flavors include:


The quintessential taste that led the way mixes aromatic black tea with freshly squeezed lemon, resulting in an incredibly pleasing taste sensation.

Half & Half:

The combination of iced tea and lemonade is quite delightful, especially for those who have a taste for tangy and refreshing beverages.


Infused with juicy raspberries for a fruity twist on the typically plain tea blend.


This scrumptious flavor will transport your taste buds straight to a peach orchard, and the feeling of summertime is bottled in every can and enjoyed with each gulp.


Take your taste buds on a journey to the tropics with the addition of juicy mango flavor to your Twisted Tea, and this canned product gives me the experience of going on vacation!

How Many Twisted Teas are in a Tall Boy

The number of Twisted Teas housed inside a Tall boy can be easily known, as one container of Twisted Tea that comes in Tall Boy size has an identical volume to one can and is meant for single servings. Indulging in a complete can of your go-to Twisted Tea flavor is portion-size friendly.

Twisted Tea Can Dimensions

If we dig into the dimensions of a Twisted Tea we get more information in terms of size, shape and the average Twisted Tea measurements as follows:

  • Height is approximately 6’2″.
  • Diameter: Around 2”

The comfortable grip and the portable design of Tall boy Twisted Tea make it effortless for you to savor wherever you go.

Tall boy Twisted Tea near Me

Have an appetite for a tall boy Twisted Tea and wondering if it’s available nearby? To easily find local stores or establishments selling Twisted Tea make sure to use the user-friendly store locator feature found on their website.

By visiting the company’s official site and inputting either the name of the city or the zip code allows one to choose from several locations nearby where they could purchase tall boy twisted tea.

Tall boy Twisted Tea Price

Different factors such as where you purchase it from and whether or not any promotional deals exist could influence the cost of a tall boy Twisted Tea, but the general cost of buying a Tall boy twisted tea will be in-between prices ranging from 2 dollars and 0 cents up to 4 dollars.

For updated and precise pricing information amidst price fluctuations checking with local retailers is the best practice

Single Twisted Tea Price

For those who prefer not to buy the larger-sized Tall boy option with their Twisted Tea beverage purchase and opt for just one single can instead – it usually costs anywhere from $1.50-$2.50. Experience the refreshing taste that Twisted Tea has to offer without having to commit yourself into purchasing a larger amount.

Twisted Tea Price 6 Pack

Stocking up on Twisted Tea is easy with the affordable and convenient 6-pack option, which typically goes for about $8.

Twisted Tea Price 6 Pack

For those who want to have extra Twisted Tea at home or for parties, the 6-pack is an excellent choice. Depending on the seller and current promotions in effect at the time of purchase, a 6-pack of Twisted Tea typically costs between 8$ and 10$. This option lets you enjoy many cans of your favorite drink and also reduce your expenses

Twisted Tea Price 12 Pack

When it comes to arranging an occasion or keeping enough amount of Twisted Tea with you – choosing a 12-pack would work wonders. If you want to buy a 12-pack of Twisted Tea cans, the expected price would be somewhere in the range of $15 to $18.

When purchasing larger quantities of Twisted Tea for yourself and your friends it ensures that nobody runs out before the night is over

Twisted Tea Price 24 Pack

If you are someone who has developed true affection towards Twisted Tea then you would definitely appreciate the value offered by a 24-pack, usually it costs around $25 to $30 for a pack that contains twenty-four Twisted Tea cans.

With the bulk package available you can stock up on Twisted Tea at an affordable price and always have some to share with friends or enjoy yourself

As a well-known retail chain, Walmart has become synonymous with providing an extensive range of drinkables, and one such drink includes the availability to purchase a tall-boy can of Twisted Tea.

Those looking to purchase Tall boy Twisted Tea specifically should go to their nearby Walmart and check out its beverage aisle. If you want up-to-date information about available products be sure to consult either their website or contact them directly


Tea lovers can enjoy the rich flavor of their favorite beverage along with an alcoholic twist thanks to Tall Boy twisted tea, and with its diverse range of flavors and calorie-conscious options, Twisted Tea offers an exceptional choice of beverages suited to multiple occasions.

If you desire a drink that is both deliciously refreshing & crisp then grab yourself a cold tallboy of twisted tea! Sip by sip experience pure bliss


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