Tall Boy Beer

The Ultimate Guide to Tall Boy Beer: Brands, Sizes, and Top Picks

Get ready for an in-depth analysis of tall boy beer with our complete guide! We’ll dive into the facts of tall boy beer in this article covering aspects such as brand options and the amount of alcohol. So, we’re ready to start, grab yourself a cold drink!

What is Tall Boy Beer?

Tall boy is what you call a particular size of beer can that’s usually bigger compared to those commonly available 12 oz. cans at stores. With a capacity ranging from 16 to 24 fluid ounces (oz.), these cans are notable for their sleeker and elongated appearance. Tall boy is a common way that people refer to these bigger cans.

Tall Boy Beer Size

When it comes down to it tall boys are designed for those who want more bang for their buck with increased beverage quantity. Most often there are just two main sizes:

When it comes to canned beer sizes the 16 oz Tall Boy is king. This is an excellent option for individuals seeking just a little more but not quite ready for bigger quantities.

Looking for something bigger? The 24 oz tall boy has got you covered, thanks to the bountiful supply of beer available – you can indulge in every sip.

Tall Boy Beer Brands

Several renowned brewers have come up with large can options that cater to various taste preferences. Listed below are some commonly known tall boy beer brands.

• Bud Light

• Coors Light

• Miller Lite

• Pabst Blue Ribbon

• Corona Extra

• Heineken

• Modelo Especial

• Dos Equis

With their diverse selection of beer styles ranging from lagers to light beers you are sure to find something suitable with these brands.

Best Tall Boy Alcohol

Choosing the best tall boy beer mainly relies on your personal taste and liking, and no two people have the exact same taste in beer.

Although not all brands hold the same characteristics, there are a few ones known for their superior quality and wide range of flavors. There are several excellent possibilities for top contenders in the category of tall boy alcohol such as:

• Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

• Guinness Draught

• Lagunitas IPA

• Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

• Founders All Day IPA

Those with a taste for robust and distinctive beers will find these to be an excellent choice.

The amount of alcohol in tall boys can vary due to differences in brand and beer variety, so to get exact information about a beer product one should check the label or brewery’s site. Tall boy beers and their standard counterpart tend to have similar amounts of alcohol by volume Most alcoholic drinks contain an ABV that ranges from 4%-8%

Tall Boy Drink Varieties

Tall boy cans offer more variety than just traditional beers and they are now being utilized for a wider range of drink options as seen by their inclusion on store shelves over recent years. You might be interested to know about some of the popular drinks served in a tall glass:

Avoid adding unnecessary calories to your drink by choosing Hard Seltzer brands such as Bon & Viv or White Claw which provides sipping experience just as satisfying but with much fewer calories.

Tall boy cans from popular craft cider makers like Angry Orchard and Strong bow offer a simple yet convenient way for fans of the beverage to enjoy their flavorful ciders.

In addition to regular-sized cans of energy drinks available in the market today comes a new format called ‘tall boy’ which offers more quantity and a greater kick.

Also, white Claw is known for its wide range of tall boy cans containing different flavored hard seltzers, and among the recommended flavors are Black Cherry, Mango, Watermelon, and Raspberry which all taste great.


Choosing the tall boy beer can is ideal for anyone who wants more from their favorite brew. If you are inclined towards traditional beers or prefer hard seltzers, then it is most likely that there is an option of having a tall can which matches your taste. Drinking responsibly is key to fully enjoying the unique flavors of these beverages.

The next time your taste buds yearn for something cold to satisfy them, grab yourself that tall boy beer and relish in the gratification of more. Cheers!


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